WSI Office ImageSince 1998, our clients have averaged a 30% increase in revenue within the first 90 days of our working with them!

We assist people who are pursuing a new business venture; this may consist of:

Starting a business from scratch

Buying an existing business OR Purchasing a franchise
We assist struggling businesses in becoming more successful, hence increasing revenues and profits. We specialize in working with businesses in the online math education field and general local marketing as well.

We assist businesses, whose revenues/profits have plateaued, in getting them “over the hump” and businesses, which are already successful by most indications but desire to do even better, to “the next level” and beyond!

We are a business, human resource consulting, recruiting, math training and career counseling / life balancing firm, which assists clients in solving problems utilizing proven, successful methodologies, effecting a better employment climate and an improved bottom line.

Each of our consultants possesses a balanced blend of business, career, and technical expertise gained over several years, which allows us to accurately assess situations and then promptly devise strategies for their resolution.

Our clients have ranged from sole-proprietorships to large, public conglomerates in more than 120 different industries including restaurants and other hospitality establishments. From headquarters in Troy, Michigan, we service Midwestern USA and Florida.

While our planning and training products, in particular, fit organizations of all sizes, we have identified a major need amongst small to mid-sized and family-owned and operated businesses for our business, human resource, and training services. We have developed the products and fee structures to successfully service this market segment. We believe these organizations require a unique approach, very dissimilar to larger organizations.

Web Sight Master Institute

WSI was new in 1998, but we cannot take credit for its establishment. It was actually the idea of a long-term client, an entrepreneur, who desired more of our services, but did not feel she could afford them at our standard hourly rate.

She indicated that she would be willing to commit to using our services over an extended period of time in return for a discounted rate. This sounded reasonable to our “Powers That Be”; hence, ESI was born. Seriously, as was the case back in 1988 when The Business Advisory Group, LLC was founded, ESI provides us with yet another way to offer cost effective assistance to businesses and individuals. We help start-ups establish the proper formal structure for their operations. Now, through ESI, we can help ensure that not only are the businesses established properly, but also that they have a greater chance for success from the beginning.


The topics discussed during our monthly sessions include:

  • Pricing.
  • Finances for start-up and ongoing operation.
  • Sales.
  • Marketing/Advertising/Promotion.
  • Employee vs. Contractors.
  • Should I have a partner(s)?.
  • Am I passionate enough about what I am doing to be successful?.
  • Networking.
  • Who is really my competition?
  • Do I need a website for my business and how might it help?
  • Do I need formal business planning and what will it do for me?
  • Am I in the right business?
  • What is my niche(s)? What should it/they be?
  • Are my product/service mix/offerings right for my market at this time?
  • What is a good level of business for me to sustain?

Expected Benefits.

  • Increased revenues, leading to increased profits.
  • Improved customer service to enhance repeat business.
  • More efficient workflows.
  • Improved management and financial reporting.
  • Significantly improved business direction and forecasting, especially if ESI is coupled with our Business Success Planning Service Protocoal (BSPSPĀ®).
  • Faster and more effective problem solving.
  • A true understanding of the business you’re in and how to tout your pluses.
  • Hitting the right target market the first time.
  • How does the program work?

Your investment amounts to only two or three hours per month of your time and less than $7.00 per day for a year.

Our investment in you is a 50+% reduction in our standard hourly rate and a commitment to helping your business growth and success. In our monthly sessions, which are 2 hours the first two months of a quarter and 3 hours the third, we can discuss topics such as those listed on this page or current issues you are having with your business. The choice is yours!

During the 3-hour meetings, our BSPĀ® clients may use part of the time for updating their business plans – another significant savings. Bottom line – we are prepared to work with you in a number of areas but the program will always be what is pertinent to you!

WARNING! This is not coaching, but solid, difference-making face-to-face mentoring. If you truly desire real improvement, this method is proven to be the most effective.