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“Over the past year, our organization has been involved with Jerry Bocall (The Business Advisory Group, LLC) in the definition and implementation of a key project for our company.

I want to bring to attention how pleased we are with the leadership, attention, and commitment Jerry has demonstrated, not only to the project and our organization, but to individuals within our company, as well.

Although the process has not been without its problems, Jerry has approached each situation immediately and professionally, providing solutions and alternatives, never compromising us, the client, or our goal. If I can be of any assistance in recommending Jerry to potential clients, please feel free to ask.”

Roger Bullock, CEO

Frank On Fifth | Restaurant, bakery, retail.

“I brought Jerry Bocall on board to our company to help us facilitate several projects.

One was to help bring focus to our approach to the markerplace through his Business Success Planning (BSP).

We worked on the BSP with the top decision makers from all our disciplines, beginning the tail end of 2005. When we began to execute the plan with Jerry’s help as the facilitator, we experienced a growth in revenue at the rate of 10% in the first month of 2006.

I am happy to report that we are still experiencing this level of growth and look forward to more in 2007. In addition, we retained Jerry’s firm to recruit and select a new President with great success.

Jerry and his team are not the kind of recruiters that pull a resume from a file and force the candidate upon us. He starts from the very beginning with a fresh, clean slate and recruits according to our specialized needs so that it fits our way of doing business, the market conditions we compete in, and the current culture that exists in our company.

We are very pleased with his individual attention to our company.”

Ken Gehlert, Owner | Cadillac Coffee Company

“Everyone that starts a business must have a plan. When my partners and I were building our plan, we spent (more than six) months researching and compiling data.

We contacted SCORE and were told that they were only for when your business was already started. We used the Michigan Development Technology (resource) for a while, until we decided they did not understand what we were talking about and they were not being realistic.

Contacting the Michigan Restaurant Association (MRA) for help, we were referred to The Business Advisory Group, LLC. Jerry Bocall was our contact and he assured us his company could provide the missing ‘ingredients’ that the others had not.

Did we receive what he said he could deliver? Yes, and more. We are convinced that having a professionally done plan is a must and we highly recommend the dedication and expertise of The Business Advisory Group, LLC.”

Diane Brewbaker, Owner | The NightCrawler (Night club).

“I would like to thank Jerry Bocall and Business Success Group, LLC for helping me regain confidence in running my restaurant. Jerry forced me to look at things through a new set of eyes and deal with issues I was overlooking or avoiding.

Jerry pointed out the importance of obtaining and using financial information for operating my restaurant to its full potential and upon which to base future decisions.

The thing I appreciated most about Jerry was that the relationship we had was amongst equals and he was working both for and with me. Jerry respected my professional experience and knowledge, and didn’t have a typical know-it-all, do-it-my-way consultant attitude.

I would enthusiastically recommend Jerry and his firm to help anyone out who is serious about their business concerns.”

John K. Artois, Owner | Gambo Bambo Mexican Grille and Fajitas

“I wish to express to you (Jerry Bocall) my sincere thanks for the difference you and your Career/Life Success Planning (CLSP) sessions have made in my life.

After much indecisiveness about my future direction, the sessions have helped me establish a solid focus on my goals and achieve a greater balance in my business and family life, as well. Your program was undoubtedly the best career decision I have ever made.

I look forward to our continued work together.”

Mike B. Sulewski, Owner | Eagle Eye, Inc, Environmental engineering firm.

“As litigation and employee problems continue to grow, we recommend one of our (business) associates who specializes in these areas (employee handbooks, job descriptions, performance appraisal systems, employee retention, and other HR matters).

We have referred clients to The Business Advisory Group, LLC to provide counsel and guidance and have received very favorable responses from those clients who have utilized these services.

If you are concerned about employee litigation or any employee-related area, please do not hesitate to call Jerry Bocall of The Business Advisory Group. We are confident you will find him to be very helpful to you in your business. Think of The Business Advisory Group as your own Personnel Department!”

Mark & Sharon Watts, Owners | West State Accounting & Tax Service, Inc.

“I would like to thank you for helping me take my business to a whole new level and taking the time to understand me personally and how my business operates, and putting the two together to help me make it more effective.

Since having our original business plan (BSP) put into action in January of 2003, we have doubled our sales and plan to double again in 2004. Our monthly (ESI) meetings help keep me on track and give me ideas on how to keep up the pace and try new things to drive business in.

If anyone had told me this would be one of the most important steps my business would take, I wouldn’t have believed them, but the numbers speak for themselves. I look forward to working with you in the upcoming year.”

Malik Diaz, Owner | Inglewood Dinnerware, LLC